Gift ideas for new parents

So, someone you know has just become a new parent – congratulations! They’re bound to be both excited and nervous for the journey that lays ahead of them. If you’re planning on presenting them with a gift in congratulations, or perhaps at a christening or baby shower, then you may want to read through this list first. These gift ideas for new parents are things that they’ll actually need!

Gift ideas for new parents

Food hamper

One thing that many new parents struggle with is finding time to cook. As soon as their little bundle of joy arrives, it seems as though all free time goes out of the window. If you want to give them a gift that keeps on giving, then a food hamper is the way to go! You can either buy one from a department store, packed full of goodies. Or, alternatively, make your own. It’s undoubtedly most cost-effective to make your own, and you can personalize it with food and drink you know the new parents will enjoy.

Meals on wheels

Along the same lines, have you considered another foodie kind of present? Instead of buying or making a food hamper, consider a meals on wheels service instead. Order some food to be delivered to the new parents, that they can stick in the freezer and cook up when they don’t have time to do anything else. Again, this is also something you can DIY. Batch cook a few of their favorite recipes and put them in their freezer. Trust us when we say, this will be one of the best gifts for a new parent!

The gift of memories

Another adorable gift idea is to buy the parents something they can use to keep track of their memories with their newborn. Every parent will tell you that time seems to move so fast as their little one is growing up, and so it’s important to keep hold of all those memories. You could buy or make a photo album or scrapbook, that the new parents could then continue filling in as their little one grows up. Alternatively, make a memory box that they can fill with things like clothes, a lock of hair, hospital bracelet, and even the first tooth!

Babysitting coupons

If you want to provide the new parents with something they’ll really love, without having to spend a lot of money, then consider offering up your babysitting services. You can print off a few homemade coupons that entitle the parents to a night of babysitting whenever they want to redeem it. While many new parents don’t want to leave their little ones straight away, they will be grateful for this gift when it comes to their anniversary or when they just really need a break.

Gift ideas for new parents

Bigger clothes

It seems as though everyone buys newborn clothes for parents, but there’s a big problem with this. It doesn’t take long for the newborn to grow out of them! Then the parents are left with a ton of clothes that are too small, and very few clothes that will actually fit their baby. Opt for bigger clothes, such as 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and even beyond. It may seem weird to think so far in advance, but it’ll be a welcome gift.

This list may not include some of the most obvious gifts, but we know that these are the things any new parent really needs. You’ll be a hit!