Personal hygiene mistakes you may be making right now

We all probably feel pretty confident in our personal hygiene by the time we hit our twenties, right? After all, we’ve gotten through the questionable teenage years, and we are pretty confident that we don’t smell, and yet there are some personal hygiene mistakes that we are all probably making right now.

Resting your face in your hands

Several times a day, we probably rest our face in our hands. It’s an easy habit to make, especially if you are leaning on it for some reason. This is bad for the elasticity of our skin as it pulls on it, but it also transfers whole loads of dirt and grime from our fingers into our pores, which can cause breakouts.

Taking super hot showers

It can be nice to get into a steaming hot shower when you’ve had a hard day at work, or even on a cold morning, however super hot showers can be really bad for your skin. Hot water will open your pores which allows the protective emollient oils to be washed away from your skin and for it to lose moisture. To avoid dry, itchy skin, take warm showers instead.

Washing your face post-workout

It seems to make sense to wash your face after you have worked up a sweat in the gym, but actually, it makes more sense to do it before you start. When you sweat, you tend to wipe your skin, which is covered in dirt, grime, and oils which can cause breakouts. However, if you have washed your face prior to working out, it will be a clean surface and perspiration consists of water and salt, which won’t harm your skin.

Skipping sunscreen in the winter

We all have it drilled into us that we absolutely must use sunscreen in the summer, but even on non-sunny days, whatever the weather, it is important to use SPF everyday! The sun’s UV rays are harmful all year around and aside from the health benefits; it will also protect you from the aging effects of the sun too.

Using too much soap

If you use soap in the shower every day, it can be quite drying on your skin, especially during harsh winter weather. Perhaps use it less frequently, maybe a few times a week, rather than every day. Also, make sure you moisturize as soon as you get out of the (warm!) shower, as this will keep the moisture in.

Showering only in the morning

This is a very divisive subject, but it seems that there are health benefits to showering at the end of the day. It can aid you to sleep better, as well as keeping your sheets cleaner. This is especially good if you suffer from allergies for example, as you can wash away pollens or other allergens that you have come into contact with throughout the day and get a clean start to help you sleep.

Not washing your makeup brushes enough

It is a tedious chore, but it is super important. Makeup brushes are a haven for gross bacteria, dirt, and oils which are then being put on your skin to cause damage. They will also ruin your brushes and affect your makeup application. Make an effort to clean them more often, for your skin’s sake!

No one is perfect, and it’s likely that you are currently making at least one of the mistakes on this list. Get into better habits today and your skin will thank you!

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