Why were the police called after this man posted a selfie with his dog?

With over 35% of the population in America owning a dog, it’s not uncommon for owners to post pictures of their pooches online for everyone to see! In recent years cats have taken over the internet with their viral videos and grumpy expressions, but the dawn of the dog is imminent and quickly clawing back the fame from their feline rivals!

With dogs such as Boo, Tuna, and Popeye all taking social media by storm (and probably having more followers than any of us!) it is now becoming standard to see dogs dressed up as famous faces, or doing their newest trick! But what if they were famous for a very different reason?

Having a family pet at home is common for a lot of people, and dogs can make brilliant additions to a lot of families. So what would you do if you opened the door to find police officers standing on your front porch questioning whether you should be in possession of them? No one wants to make any heartbreaking decisions about their pets, but sometimes we have to, especially when they are deemed to be a dangerous dog. Regardless of how dogs are raised, sometimes that isn’t a factor in deciding whether to confiscate an animal.

Dan Tillery and his partner Megan were in for an incredible rollercoaster of a ride when they began to look at bringing a four-legged companion into their home. Trying to find the right member to bring into the family can be a difficult decision to make, but there is usually a way to find the best fit for your family! Unfortunately for the couple, things were destined to be difficult, and they were forced to make some incredibly tough decisions. In a story of the world uniting for the sake of true love, could there be a happy ending for the family?

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Wanting a four-legged companion for a long time, Dan and his partner had been looking at bringing home a dog and were over the moon when they were given a chance! Unfortunately for them, their home had always been what had been holding them back bringing a dog into their family as they were renting, and the building didn’t let them have one. The couple bought their first house together where they could make their own rules, and the opportunity was finally upon them!


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