Ways to prevent runs and tears in your tights

If you are a human who can wear tights and never get rips, holes or runs in them, we envy you! It seems as though as soon as you are in a rush, or on your way to an important interview/meeting/party, where you are wearing tights or pantyhose, a mysterious rip will appear. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent these from happening and keep your tights healthy – making them long-life rather than disposable.

Get the right size

It sounds obvious but honestly, if you find you always rip your tights putting them on, go for the next size up. Perhaps they are just not the right length for your height. If you are torn (excuse the pun!) between two sizes, go for the larger size. Pantyhose are very tight so they won’t look too baggy but will be more comfortable and easier to put on.

Buy reinforced seams

The most likely places to get holes are in the toes or crotch of your tights, so when you are buying new ones, aim for some that say they are ‘reinforced.’ This just means that the seams have been double stitched and will withstand a little more pulling than usual. If you find you are always getting holes in the toes, perhaps wear some thin socks under the tights (depending on your outfit of course!) so that there is a barrier between your toes and the ‘hose.

Ways to prevent runs and tears in your tights

Cut your nails

It’s so easy to get a hangnail caught on a bit of your tights and snag a hole. Make sure you keep any lose bits trimmed and filed on your fingers and your toes. Wait until the tights are safely on before putting on any accessories that might also cause a hole.


Bear with us on this one! It seems as though pantyhose will just glide up your legs with a lot less pulling if you have moisturized and let your legs dry before you put them on. Make sure you don’t put them on before the lotion has soaked in, however, as that will have the opposite effect and they will be a little sticky.

Freeze your tights

This one is pretty weird, but it works. Wet your tights and then wring them out, leaving them damp. Pop them in a freezer bag and leave in the freezer overnight. When you get them out, leave them to thaw at room temperature, as this will keep the fibers tighter and less susceptible to snagging.

Catch the runs

If the worst does happen and you notice a run in your tights, use some clear nail polish around the edges to stop it getting any bigger to tide you over until you can pop on a new pair. Some people also claim that spraying tights with hairspray once they are on can reduce the likelihood of runs.

Ways to prevent runs and tears in your tights

Be careful when you wash them

Handwashing is the best way to look after your tights for longevity; however that is not always practical so if you are using a machine, keep them in a mesh laundry bag. Avoid putting them with your bras, as the hooks can cause holes too. Hang them to dry rather than using the dryer as this could make them misshapen or increase the risk of rips.

Try all of these ideas and hopefully your tights will remain run-free forevermore. As a backup, keep a spare pair in your bag at all times!

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