Princess Diana fashion secrets you never knew about

The late Princess Diana was the royal that many of us fell for over the years. Her poise, grace, and beauty had her catching the eyes of just about everyone in the world until her untimely passing in 1997. Although she is gone, Princess Diana most certainly will never be forgotten – and neither will her fashion secrets you never knew about.

She never wore heels

And if she did, they were always very low. So what stopped Princess Diana from wearing certain shoes? It was all to keep up the illusion she was smaller than Prince Charles. The couple were actually the same height, and Diana never wanted to tower over her husband. Instead, she just avoided tall shoes altogether.

Princess Diana fashion secrets you never knew about

She used clutch bags

Have you ever wondered why Princess Diana always used a clutch bag with her outfit? It wasn’t just a statement, but it was also a fashion secret many never knew about. The Princess would use her purse to cover her modesty whenever getting in or out of a car. As well as protecting herself, Princess Diana also didn’t want the media getting any money shots.

She had a special bracelet

Princess Diana was occasionally spotted with a special charm bracelet that meant more to the Princess than many realized. The jewelry as a present from Prince Charles who chose unique charms to bring it to life. As well as a W and H for their sons, there was also a miniature St. Paul’s Cathedral to remember their wedding, and ballet shoes as Diana loved the dance.

She never wore gloves

It was once thought people could catch Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome through any contact, including holding hands. It soon became royal protocol to wear gloves at any public engagement, especially when meeting with people suffering from the syndrome. However, Princess Diana wanted to maintain her personal contact with people and refused to follow by their rules.

Princess Diana fashion secrets you never knew about

She refused to wear hats

Well, not all the time. However, if Princess Diana was going to meet children, then she refused to don her headwear. Why? A lot of the time, Diana was visiting children in the hospital, and she claimed there was no way you could hug a child while wearing a hat. It seems as though Diana really was the People’s Princess after all.

She later refused to wear Chanel

It might be easy to assume the Royals have access to just about any designer label they want. Although that might be true, it seems as though there was one designer off the cards for Diana: Chanel. The Princess refused to wear the brand after divorcing Prince Charles as she admitted the interlocking Cs reminded her of Camilla and Charles too much.

It looks as though there was a lot more to Princess Diana’s fashion choices than we ever imagined. In fact, it seems like this royal was hiding a whole host of secrets before our very eyes that we just never knew.

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