The Queen reportedly warned Harry about Meghan Markle’s behavior before the wedding

The world delighted as Meghan Markle wedded her very own Prince Charming, Harry, in a ceremony watched by millions. Though a Hollywood actress, she seemed to be a natural fit for the Royal Family and became one of its most popular members quickly. That doesn’t mean everyone was always pleased with her, however. In fact, reportedly the Queen herself warned Harry about her conduct beforehand.

[post_page_title]Dreams do come true[/post_page_title]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot back in May, 2018. Meghan was officially a part of the Royal Family now, but this new addition was about to become a more prominent feature of the family than anyone ever believed. While her popularity would later soar, it could all be traced back to that one magical day in May. Fairytales, it seemed, really do come true if you wish hard enough. But that was only at face value. Behind the scenes, the nuptials weren’t as drama-free as we were led to believe.

Dreams do come true

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