Real mistakes people have actually made

Getting up, going to work, and having to do a job for eight hours before going home – urgh. Life is a struggle at the best of times without adding the inconvenience of having to actually work into it all. Let’s be honest, if we could, we would definitely stay in bed for 25 hours a day to enjoy pure uninterrupted bliss, but sadly we do have to get up and out to answer to the man and all their grand ideas of what we should be doing. People say to get a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life, but what if you have gone beyond caring about your career anymore? Or you simply never had a care in the first place? There are those times in our lives when we do something stupid, look around to make sure no one is looking, then hope that no one ever notices what happened.

Sadly, others can sometimes get hold of our mistakes and run away with them before we even have a chance to hide. In an age where the average American spends nearly 11 hours of their day staring at a screen of some form, once you end up on the internet it leaves nowhere to hide – especially if you go viral. It’s easy to lose hours and hours of our lives scrolling through cat memes, reaction videos, and people’s fails. There have been plenty of discussions about why us humans love to watch other people failing, and the answers are disputed. Some have concluded that we feel more powerful when we see other people fail, while others have spoken about a deep down emotion that makes us a tad evil – not us, surely?

Regardless of why we find looking at people’s mistakes satisfying we know one thing is for sure: they can be hilarious. So whether you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, or you’re feeling your evil side coming on, these people look as though they have tried their hardest (mostly) to do their jobs right; but some just can’t help but struggle with the nine to five grind that has become such an inconvenience. Sometimes it seems as though the day is best just being spent in bed when you wake up and the world just says “nope.” Perhaps everyone in the world just needs to sit back, take a moment, and think about what they’re doing before starting their next task. Especially if you make mistakes like these…

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Not everyone has seen Star Wars – that’s fine. Not everyone has seen Star Trek – that is also okay. But what isn’t alright is advertising something when you have no idea what you should be writing. If you see something space then why not just assume it’s from Star Wars? Well, because you would be utterly wrong half the time that’s why. Whoever picked up this little beauty can now enjoy eating their dinner off Captain Kirk’s face knowing the true origin of the plate.

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