The real life relationships of The Big Bang Theory’s cast

Ten years ago Bill Brady and Chuck Lorre created something amazing. Something incredible. Something groundbreaking. The Big Bang Theory. While the initial Big Bang happened millions of years ago, it was the show that first aired last decade that was the latest to take the whole world by storm. Chuck Lorre had already made a name for himself as the creator of Two and a Half Men, while Bill Brady had been working on the shows Gilmore Girls, and The Muppets. Together, the two creative geniuses were able to think up a whole new spin on the classic sitcom that gave us something that hadn’t ever been done before. It seemed as though the two men had tried to tackle the impossible, but they were determined to let nothing get in their way – even the first pilot being a complete flop with the show. However, it wasn’t all a disaster as there were two things the audience loved – Leonard and Sheldon.

The show follows the lives of the main characters, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny as they go about their lives. The guys all work together at Caltech, while Penny spends most of her time aspiring to become an actress in Hollywood. On the show we get to see plenty of romances blossom too, some ending in happiness, while others end in tears. There has been the constant on/off relationship of Leonard and Penny (Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco), the first wedding of the show between Howard and Bernadette (Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch), and the unlikely and surprising romance between Sheldon and Amy (Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik), with plenty of other passions cropping up along the way.

But what about when they all go home. Do the stars of the show have someone to cuddle up to and call their own, or are they getting a meal for one every night? Perhaps some of the stars even go home together..? We get to know everything about the characters we see on-screen, but we rarely get to see what happens when the cast all finish shooting at the end of the day. Is Raj as awkward with women in real life? Does Howard have a wife and family waiting for him at home? And does Leonard still get the gorgeous blonde that all the guys want? These stars sure have had busy careers over the years, and it seems some of them have matched this with busy dating lives, too…
[post_page_title]Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne: married since 2007[/post_page_title]

On the show, Howard (who went to space, you know) is married to the squeaky-voiced Bernadette. Outside of the show Simon Helberg has an off-screen wifey too. He is married to fellow actress Jocelyn Towne. While she doesn’t appear on TBBT, Jocelyn has landed several smaller parts for TV shows and movies since the beginning of her career in 2000. She also produced the film We’ll Never Have Paris where she landed her husband the leading role. Together the pair share 5 year old Adeline, and 3 year old Wilder.

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