Where are the stars of Eastenders now?

Eastenders is one of the most famous British soap operas to ever come onto our screens, and it’s fair to say that it’s made an impact on the world. After all, we were graced with the first episode in 1985, and fans have since been able to grow up with their favorite characters while watching their storylines unfold. With nearly 6,000 episodes to its name, some of the stars of this show have appeared in more episodes than we can count, but have you ever wondered what the stars of Eastenders are up to now?

Where are the stars of Eastenders now?

[post_page_title]Martin Kemp as Steve Owen[/post_page_title]

Martin Kemp made his dramatic entrance in Albert Square in 1998, when he took on the role of Steve Owen. Within just a few short weeks, fans at home had discovered what Steve was really about.

Martin Kemp as Steve Owen

While he may have dressed to the nines in his suits and his slicked back hair, Steve was the ultimate Walford villain. He bullied those around him, and he lived a life full of schemes and crimes. Most notably, he sent Saskia Duncan to sleep with the fishes and framed someone else for the deed.

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