Research team finds secret inside abandoned Paris apartment that had been hidden for 70 years

[post_page_title]A French elitist[/post_page_title]

Marthe de Florian was a French courtesan born on September 9, 1864, to Jean Beaugiron and Henriette Eloïse Bara in France’s capital city of Paris. Paris is split into 20 separate districts, known formally as arrondissements.

A French elitist

Marthe was born in the 18th arrondissement and lived there during the first years of her life. She later moved to a Parisian apartment elsewhere, where she lived, happily and lavishly, until she passed away on August 29, 1939. Yet, what she left behind uncovered secrets that would shock a team of experts brought in to create an inventory of her belongings.

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