How to save money as a wedding guest

We all know that weddings are expensive, but what we often forget is the fact that they are pricey for guests too! Once you’ve attended the various pre-wedding events, got a new outfit, bought a gift, booked a hotel and paid for travel, you are likely to have spent quite a lot. So how can you save money as a wedding guest and still enjoy your friends’ special days?

Group up

Most things are cheaper if you split them, so if you can round up a group of pals and share the driving. You’ll have company, be able to spread the cost of gas and also, if they’re up for it, have someone else to take the wheel for a few hours too. When it comes to accommodation, you might be able to find a cheap AirBnB for less than a hotel, and if you split it with the group you will all be forking out much less. You could even team up on a gift and get the couple a big ticket item for a lot less than an average gift would cost you – everyone’s a winner!

Plan ahead

As soon as you get the save the date start looking at train tickets and hotel rooms. Book them early for a good discount, or at least start saving up for them now, so you don’t have to cough it all up at once. If you’ve got a whole year to wait and you know the train or airline has a summer sale, for example, start saving so that when the lower prices come out, you have the money ready.

Grab a gift early

If the couple has a registry for gifts, get in there as soon as you can. If you leave it too long, all the mid-range presents will have been snapped up, so you’ll either have to look cheap by getting something on the lower end, or you’ll be hugely over budget. Perhaps consider getting a few of the cheaper things and packaging them together, for example, a cocktail shaker, glasses, ice cube tray and corkscrew as this will be a thoughtful, complete gift. As a side note, shop around for registry gifts; you can often get the same thing elsewhere for much cheaper.

Dress to impress

There are a few ways that you can save money on your outfits. Firstly, don’t be afraid to re wear an outfit. People will hardly notice, especially if you accessorize differently and style it out – there is no need to buy a brand new dress every time! If you really want to wear something new, there are websites where you can rent beautiful dresses for a fraction of the cost, and you can feel special but also thrifty. For men, invest in a staple suit or two and mix up the shirt and tie each time. No one all notices and it will last years.

Offer your services

If you’re a little low on cash or you’re trying to save money, why not offer something to the couple that money can’t buy. For example, are you a hairdresser that could do the bride’s hair for free, or maybe a graphic designer who could make the invites? You may have a beach house that you could rent out to the couple as a mini-moon for after the big day. Sometimes these more personal priceless gifts mean more to the bride and groom and it won’t cost you a penny.

If you think outside of the box you can still enjoy weddings, but without having to max out the credit card too!

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