What does science say about waking up late?

Have you ever found yourself giving in to the temptation of sleeping in late? So it’s not just us? That’s great. However, it looks as though we might now have reasons to stay in bed that little bit longer after looking at what science has to say about waking up late. Lazing around doesn’t have to be so bad after all…

You’re smarter

Yup, it turns out all that sleep is good for the brain after all. Many studies have been conducted to see the truth behind this, and it looks as though waking up later in the day could have an impact on our smarts. A study of almost 21,000 students over a five year period showed how the ones that woke up later in the morning scored higher in their intelligence tests than those who woke up earlier in the day.

What does science say about waking up late?

You’re more mentally alert

Another check for waking up later – you tend to be more mentally alert. It looks as though those extra hours in bed can have a significant effect on our brain’s power. Research showed that both night owls and early risers had the same brain activity around an hour and a half after waking up. However, ten-and-a-half hours later and the late risers were still riding high on their energy levels while the early birds were beginning to slack.

You’re less stressed

You might think that waking up early means you’re one step ahead of the game and therefore less stressed, but what if we told you it was the opposite? Apparently, waking up early increases the level of cortisol in our bodies – the hormone in charge of stress. Waking up late means there’s also less chance of getting headaches, muscular aches, bad moods, and cold symptoms.

You’re evolving

Now, we’re not saying that people who wake up early aren’t still evolving, but it looks as though those that enjoy to lay in bed in the morning are evolving faster than others. That’s because as time goes by, we are learning how to use our genetics to the fullest. Apparently, we are now more adapted to working later at night opposed to having to work along with the sun.

You’re more creative

Can life as a late riser get any better? It’s thought that waking up late is our body’s way of going against the “normal” conventions, and our brains than become used to thinking outside the box. It’s also believed that late risers work later into the night. This can be when some of the strongest creative juices get flowing through our veins as the peace of the night leaves us to produce some of our best work.

What does science say about waking up late?

While being a late riser might lead to a manhunt every morning as people try and track down where you have gone, it seems as though there could be a number of reasons to jump underneath the duvet for a few more hours. You don’t need to tell us twice. Great movie marathon in bed, anyone?

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