How to shop for clothes online like a pro

Although we love clothes more than anything else in this world (except you, mom), we have to admit that we’re getting a bit bored of having to go to the mall, searching through all of the rails and the racks, and getting in and out of our clothes in the fitting rooms to find something that we like. I mean, we have better things to do. You know, like wash our hair. Thankfully, we can now buy anything we could possibly want online. From cardigans to corsets, from pants to party hats, and from t-shirts to tennis shoes, you can easily buy clothes online. But how do you do it like a pro?

Know your measurements

Let’s be honest, none of us like to weigh ourselves or take our measurements, but if you want to shop for clothes online like a pro – it’s the first step to success. Knowing your measurements is incredibly important because each online shop is different. While you know that you may be one size from one online store, it may be completely different in another store, and our aim is to avoid returning items to the best of our (awesome) ability. Before you choose your size, always check your measurements against their size guide to ensure you’ve picked the right one for you.

How to shop for clothes online like a pro

Look at the catwalks

Although we would love to believe that everything we buy online will make us look like the models in the professional photographs, it just isn’t the case. These fashion photographers do everything they can to show their products in the best light – which means you don’t get to see the true shebang. One of the best ways to see the real deal in action is to look at their catwalks. Many major fashion retailers are now using videos to show their products on a real human without photoshop artistic license. If you still like it in the catwalk video, go for it!

Keep a note of your faves

If you find an online clothing store that you love, keep it close to your heart. The worst thing you could possibly do would be to forget which store you bought your favorite dress from, and you have to settle for something second-rate instead. So, make a note of all of your fave stores, as well as the brands that fit you well, and the designers you’ve fallen in love with. This way, you can go straight onto their websites and replicate your purchases. The best part? It means you don’t have to enter all of your card details again….

How to shop for clothes online like a pro

Keep your sale spending simple

When you click onto an online retailer and see they’re hosting a mega sale that will save you dollar dollar bills, it can be easy to get click-happy and buy everything in your size. However, it’s important to keep your sale spending simple. If you do buy things in the sale, make sure they are classic pieces such as plain shirts, tailored trousers, minimal jackets, and pieces you could wear every single day. Normally, the garish patterns and colors that end up in the sale are there because these retailers believe they won’t be on trend for much longer. Gotta stay fashion conscious!

It’s no secret that shopping online is much more entertaining than shopping in-store, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with not thinking about what you buy. If you really want to shop for clothes online like a pro, you have to follow these rules…

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