Simple ways to make an old pair of jeans look new again

From young children to teenagers and adults, jeans are among the favorite pieces of clothing worn today. However, just like other clothes, jeans get old, worn out, and outdated. While many people prefer to throw them away or just pile them in their store of old clothes, there are many ways to turn old jeans into new outfits again. Here are some awesome ideas that you should consider to refashion your favorite cloth!

Dye them brighter

You can bring your old faded jeans back in style by using a dye to change their appearance. Dyeing can either be done on specific parts of the pants or on the whole cloth. Typically, the brighter colors provide a more sophisticated look, compared to dull or faded colors. All that you have to do is to visit your local fabric store and select the dye of your choice. If you choose to dye your jeans yourself, you need salt, water, a large bucket in which you will dip the jeans, the dye itself, and a dryer. If you follow the instructions that the dye seller gives you, you will get excellent results.

Simple ways to make an old pair of jeans look new again

Add new zippers

A nice zipper can bring a new look to your old jeans. It can also brighten them, especially if you choose a zipper with an interesting design. It doesn’t always have to be straight; you can go for zig-zag or curved zippers based on your preferences. Your old jeans will look even more fashionable if you place the zipper along the waist or around the ankle. Look for an experienced tailor so that he or she can give you more tips on how this can be done well.

Patch them

Patches are often used in fashion nowadays, especially by young girls. Many people don’t like the idea, but it can be a fantastic transformation for old jeans when done well. One good thing about patching is that the patch doesn’t have to match the material of the jeans. You can come up with your own patchwork by using bright and flowery fabrics, depending on your color taste.

Simple ways to make an old pair of jeans look new again

Starch them

You can also give your old jeans a new twist and appearance by using the starching method. Starching results in beautiful and completely different jeans, and hence your friends won’t notice that you’re wearing the same old pants unless you tell them. You should, however, not starch stretchable jeans, since you might ruin the material in the process.

Cut the threads

You have probably noticed that most jeans start to have threads hanging out as they get old. If this is the case with yours, use scissors to cut off the extra threads. This will not only make the jeans look new, but will also prevent the thread from unraveling and damaging the jeans.

If you want to renew an old pair of jeans, all you need is a little free time, a few skills, and passion. Then, you can use these creative tips to make your old jeans look fresh and cool. Try them and have a trendy look for little or no cost at all.

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