Single mother wins $188 million in lottery and gets sued by her pastor

Everyone goes through ups and downs throughout life. Sometimes, we make our own beds (and have to lie in them) and in other cases, there are external circumstances we can not control that alter our lives. Whether we made the wrong decision or said something we regret, we all experience difficult times where we have to deal with negative consequences.

In many instances, people are put in awful situations that they cannot control. For example, they live in a war torn country or the housing market collapses and they lose their savings. However, one of the phenomenal characteristics about human beings is that we can often turn our lives around after tragedy strikes. In the most desperate of times, people can find a silver lining that pushes them to carry on.

But sometimes a huge windfall comes to you, and everything works out. All you need is a little bit of hope and faith and the universe will open up and help you out. But be careful, as if you do not watch out, this stroke of luck and happiness can quickly turn your life even more sour.

On rare occasions, a huge turn of events will occur and a person will receive more luck and fortune than they could ever imagine. However, with money and power comes responsibility and it can also cause negative reactions from the people around you. Whether you have a jealous family member or a friend that constantly asks for money, having a mass amount of wealth can end up hurting you more than it helps you.

Marie Holmes understands this better than anyone else because she experienced it for herself. After winning a huge fortune in the lottery, Marie was faced with familiar faces that were now knocking on her door and asking for money. One of the people that wanted Marie to give them a portion of her jackpot was her own pastor. The pastor went so far that he sued her!

[post_page_title]Low odds[/post_page_title]

Very few people enjoy working day in and day out so some turn to playing the lottery in hopes that they will be able to retire into a life of luxury. Most lottery players are away that the odds that they will ever win are extremely low. However, the hope their lucky day will someday arrive keeps them going. Marie had incredibly low odds at just a one in 175 million chance of holding the winning ticket.

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