Staff members tell all about celebrities’ private behavior (21 photos)

Former staff members of Jennifer Aniston, Carrie Underwood, Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and 17 more celebs, tell what their famous bosses are really like behind closed doors. They open up about these celebrities’ most private moments, controversial behavior, and reveal secrets that were never known before. For example: Why Jennifer Aniston refuses to wear proper clothes at her house, even when she has company; and it’s not all she does! Stay tuned (21 photos) 

#1: Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted

[post_page_title]#1: Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted[/post_page_title]

While she might look oh-so-sweet on the camera, popular singer Carrie Underwood has been said to be a bit cold-hearted behind the scenes. She apparently snubs other celebrities, and doesn’t even like interacting with her own fans very much. Carrie can also allegedly say some pretty scathing things backstage. She’s at least admitted herself she can be moody, but that just doesn’t make up for some of the harsh words Carrie has said to people.

Carrie Underwood can be cold-hearted

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