Survivor: The Australian Outback – then and now

Survivor: The Australian Outback premiered in 2001 and was the second season of the American CBS show Survivor. The show was the number one rated television show of 2001 and averaged at 30 million viewers each week, all equally addicted to the show. It was the spark that started the Survivor phenomenon that turned into 35 consecutive seasons in America alone.

Over the years the winners have walked away anything from a brand new car like a Chevrolet Corvette to one million dollars. Survivor has its own adapted series in countries all over the world from Norway and Philippines to Israel. Survivor is still airing in France in in the U.S.A to this day.

To this day Survivor: The Australian Outback was ranked as the highest ranked season of all the survivor series. It was such a hit television show that it became the Super Bowl lead-out program on CBS. Aren’t you a little bit curious how these castaways look now? Here is what the contestants are up to now and what they have been doing since.

[post_page_title]Jerri Manthey – then[/post_page_title]

Jerri Lynn Manthey was voted out of Survivor and came in only 8th place mainly because she was known as the villain of the game. Jerri Lynn Manthey was such an antagonist that she was actually booed off of the stage in the Reunion Show of the Survivor.

Jerri butted heads with most of the contestants. She was infamous for making accusations even against people in her own tribe Ogakor. She only lasted 27 days on Survivor.

[post_page_title]Jerri Manthey – now[/post_page_title]

Jerri Lynn Manthey graced our screens on the reality television series Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians. She did a bit better than in Survivor: The Australian Outback and rose in ranks to 4th place. She also captured our attention on Survivor: All-Stars. Clearly, she is a Survivor fan.

After her time on Survivor concluded she went on other reality shows like Blind Date, The Surreal Life and The Joe Schmo Show. Jerri also pursued a career in playboy and made it to the Hooters hall of fame.

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