The benefits of heels

Is there a more well-known way to suffer for fashion than adorning your feet in a pair of high-heels? The answer is probably not. Wearing heels is almost universally acknowledged as one of the most uncomfortable things women do regularly in the service of being well-dressed. But, wearing high-heels comes with a bevy of unintended positives that most men, and many women, don’t ever truly recognize. Looking good is important on its own, but when looking good can come with a bunch of other benefits, that’s what we like to call a bonus. If you can look good and still add a bunch of other good things to your life, that’s what we call living your best life in the year 2020.

Added leg muscle strength

It may sound like a lie, but wearing heels really will help to strengthen the wearer’s legs. The way in which heels force your calves to flex the entire time you are wearing them is how they also force you to work out your legs while still looking fabulous. Now, no one is suggesting replacing leg day at the gym with a jaunt down the catwalk in your favorite stilettos, but rocking out to the club in your favorite pair of heels is doing more than just turning heads on your way at the door. Wearing high heels really is a workout for your legs and helps to add strength with every step you take.


Secret weapon just in case

It’s a scary world out there and a pair of heels can add an extra layer of covert protection without letting possible wrongdoers know you are even carrying it. The elongated and sharpened heel of your favorite pair of pumps can be used to fend off any unwelcome contact from people on your nights out. We aren’t saying that you need to be brandishing your favorite heels like a crazy person. But, if someone is making things uncomfortable for you once your friends have split for the evening, having your heels around in case of the worst is usually a good thing. You may not be able to walk as fast in your high heels as you can in your favorite sneakers, but it may just be the person pursuing you who winds up regretting that fact the most.

Balancing act

No, we aren’t kidding around: wearing heels will honestly make you a more balanced human being. Walking in heels is not as easy as it looks and getting good at doing it will help you master gravity. Ask any woman walking around in stilettos and they will tell you that staying upright in a pair of pumps can be a true fashion challenge. But spending the time to find your balance in heels will help make you an immovable master of gravity that cannot be toppled by normal means. Anyone will tell you that life is all about finding balance, and getting good at wearing high heels will is one way to help you attain it.


You’ll look fabulous

As many benefits as there are that wearing heels come with, the number one overall benefit are still the fact that they will make you look better. Wearing high heels makes the legs look slimmer, the butt look fuller, and your back look straighter – and that’s the straight dope. The reason why women reach for their stilettos for a fancy night out is that they are going to be the shoe that undoubtedly adds the biggest pop to just about any outfit. Whether it’s an evening gown, pant suit, jumpsuit, or just about anything but sweatpants, your best pair of heels is going to add a bit of flair to any outfit.

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