The cast of The Big Bang Theory in real life

We love watching The Big Bang Theory, but what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Of course, we recognize these characters when they’re on their iconic leather couch with a comic book in hand, but what do they find themselves doing the rest of the time? When they go home do any of them have any secret science skills, or is it all a front for the show? There are many questions we have about the actors behind the characters that have left us intrigued ever since they first graced our screens back in 2007.

[post_page_title]John Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter[/post_page_title]

Oh, Leonard. This love-struck experimental physicist is roommate-turned-best friend to Sheldon Cooper. Together the two have a troublesome relationship as Leonard is often left to pick up the pieces Sheldon leaves behind, all the while trying not to get irritated by his whacky behavior.

Just like the others in the group, Leonard is undeniably a genius who earned his doctorate at only 24 years old from Princeton. Leonard has an on-again, off-again (wait no, on again, or off, no we think it’s on again for sure) relationship with his neighbor, Penny, and they finally get married in the ninth season.

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