The complicated past and family life of Jennifer Aniston

The complicated past and family life of Jennifer Aniston

It goes without saying that Jennifer Aniston has had quite the remarkable career. At the age of 50, the former Friends star is showing no signs of slowing down, especially with her recent Golden Globe-nominated role in Apple TV+’s The Morning Show. However, at one point, Aniston was told that she would never make it in Hollywood. In fact, she had to overcome a past filled with pain and criticism before getting to where she is today.

[post_page_title]Laying it bare[/post_page_title]

In a recent candid interview, Jennifer Aniston laid bare some upsetting details from her childhood, proving just how much she has had to overcome in her life.

Laying it bare

With a father who abandoned her at a young age and a mother who was constantly severely critical of the way she looked, the former Friends star revealed that before making it in Hollywood, people in her family actually told her that she would ‘never make a dime’ in the industry.

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