The secrets of bartenders

It’s 2 am and you’re drinking a colorful cocktail with a cute umbrella in it, telling your problems to the bartender while they are trying to clean up the sticky residue that shots seem to leave. To you, the bartender is a friend, a provider of alcohol and a listener of drunken rambling, however, there are some secrets that you will never know unless you are a bartender. Here are a few!

Bartenders know exactly what to order in a bar

A perk of being a bartender is that when you do finally get to go out and enjoy yourself with a glass or two of something alcoholic, you won’t just waste your money on any old thing. They also know what is worth spending money on. For example, if you are having a cocktail such as a Manhattan or a Martini where the spirit is the main star of the show, it pays to get a nicer version of the drink. However, if the mixers are a little more aggressive, or spicey, such as in a Moscow Mule, you can get away with using a cheaper spirit. Whiskey and tequilas are two drinks where the difference in the cheap and top shelf is very noticeable – so spend a little more.

They judge you if you order Long Island Iced Teas

Sure, not every drink they make will be to their own tastes, and they can usually get past that, but with a Long Island Iced Tea, it is clear that you just want all of the alcohol mixed together and have no thought of taste. Mixing all those flavors together is going to taste pretty gross, and with all that sugar your hangover is going to suck. If you want to get wasted, there are easy, less revolting ways to do that and your bartender will be happy to recommend something – much better than making yet another Long Island Iced Tea.

The secrets of bartenders

Bartenders love making custom orders

If you ask for a personalized drink, your bartender is likely to feel respected and want to be creative to find you something fun to drink that you will enjoy. They will want to know some basic information such as what things you like to drink and your favorite flavors, so they know what to go off, but from there they will likely put a lot of effort into creating you a drink. That said, if the bar is packed, now is not a good time. They won’t be able to spend time thinking about what to make for you, and you will likely just get a very rushed Screwdriver from a stressed out bartender.

They know the key to avoiding a hangover

When you work with alcohol, a hangover is the last thing you want. Having to face the drink that made you throw up all morning, while you make cocktails for other people is the worst, so bartenders will avoid hangovers. The best way to prevent one is to drink one glass of water, per two alcoholic drinks. Even if you down it with a straw, it will be better for you than dehydrating your body with alcohol. If you do find yourself with a hangover, drink more water, munch on a greasy breakfast and something sugary. Then hide under a duvet!

Remember, your bartender is more than just a drinks pouring machine, and if you take the time to talk to them, you might find out some secrets to help up your drinking game!

The secrets of bartenders

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