The world’s biggest female bodybuilder has been through one epic journey

Dena Westerfield is just like many other bodybuilders – she works out a lot and has to ensure her diet is just right. After many years of working out, Dena is now capable of bench pressing 315 pounds. A hugely impressive weight considering she is just 5 feet 2 inches and tips the scale at 145 pounds. Without a moment to spare, Dena finds herself with each waking minute taken up by something else new and exciting. This is the extraordinary life of one of the world’s best female bodybuilders.

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This is Dena Westerfield, a world-renowned bodybuilder. She has entered many competitions throughout the years, and after always being interested in fitness, Westerfield competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2000.

Since then, she has gone on to compete in over 15 bodybuilding tournaments, including the highly respected Ms. Olympia in 2006. Although it might seem as though sculpting her body in the gym is her only interest, Dena doesn’t spend every waking minute working out.

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