The wealthiest former ‘American Idol’ contestants of all time

The wealthiest former ‘American Idol’ contestants of all time

If it weren’t for reality competition shows, some of our favorite stars might not have careers today. Programs like ‘American Idol’ have helped so many people launch themselves into the spotlight, although not everyone has amassed the same success. Some people have had a lot more luck selling albums and making millions than others.

[post_page_title]Lauren Alaina[/post_page_title]

As ‘American Idol’ has grown in popularity, it’s become easier for contestants to do well after the show, no matter where they place. Lauren Alaina might not have won the 10th season – she was the runner-up – but she’s been pretty successful.

Lauren Alaina

Her albums have peaked at two and three on the US country charts, with her debut also being a top-five hit on the Billboard 200. Her country music success has earned her a net worth of roughly $800,000 now, and it may well continue to grow moving forward.

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