These people are probably regretting their ‘roast me’ requests

These people are probably regretting their ‘roast me’ requests

The internet is full of people just raring to say something mean about you. Surprisingly, some people actively seek this out, taking to the r/roastme subreddit to have people hurl some truly painful insults their way.

[post_page_title]Sticking point[/post_page_title]

Anyone will tell you that eyebrow styling is one of the hardest aspects of doing makeup – and for some people it shows. This person took to r/roastme, at which point they were thoroughly picked at for their artificial-looking eyebrows.

Sticking point

What’s more, even the quality of said fake eyebrows was attacked for looking like they’d come from a flea market. It’s one thing to have people say that your eyebrows look fake – but to say that they look cheap as well? That’s a truly low blow.

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