Things you didn’t know about Christina El Moussa from Flip or Flop

When it comes to our favorite shows on HGTV, it can be hard to choose just one. The variety in home renovation shows give us plenty to choose from. Whether it’s a complete rebuild, the detailing of each individual room, or flipping houses that no one else would dream to touch with a barge pole; there is a home improvement show for any DIY lover out there all on one helpful network. One of the most loved shows on HGTV goes to the husband and wife duo that have been flipping houses since before it was even a thing. Flip or Flop. The show regularly rakes in around 3 million viewers per episode as the nation can’t wait to see what daring project they will undertake next. However, there is also one very special lady that brings the audience back time after time. That woman is Christina El Moussa. After filming wraps up and everyone heads home, just what does Christina get up to?

As rating continue to grow, so do audience numbers. The network currently reaches over 90 million homes across the U.S. who all tune in to watch the latest episode of their favorite home and gardening shows. The network has a good reason for being so popular over the years: they are incredibly choosy about who they let onto their shows. You won’t catch any randomer landing a leading series here as there are a huge number of auditions you must go through before even being given a chance to step into the studios. With all the regulations, it looks as though we are destined only ever to see the best when it comes to these HGTV stars.

Flip or Flop first came onto our screens back in 2013 where husband and wife Tarek and Christina El Moussa started buying houses, renovating the properties, and hopefully selling them on for a profit – a process known as flipping. Even though both halves of the renovating duo started to take over the nation, it was Christina that caught everyone’s eye. After three years on the air, it looked as though everything was about to come crashing down for this duo after a nasty divorce began back in 2016. Would Christina ever be able to move past the split, or were there secrets from her past that were about to be dragged up for the entire world to see? Here we get to delve into the secrets behind Christina El Moussa…

[post_page_title]Self-taught star[/post_page_title]

While it may appear Christina has had years of teaching to learn the tricks of the trade, she admits that it is quite the opposite. In fact, Christina says that most of her design work has come through trial and error. Although, the star does admit that when it comes to flipping houses, she aims to keep everything as simplistic as she can to appeal to the masses. Luckily when it comes to her own houses, Christina can let loose and go wild. Apparently, her favorite part of decorating the room is adding girly wallpaper.

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