Things you didn’t know about Nicole Curtis and her HGTV show

We can use books, blogs, Pinterest boards, Internet searches, movies and even TV shows to help and inspire us in creating our dream home. Thankfully, there are currently many TV personalities out there who are more than happy to help their fans create the perfect house for them, with one of the most popular being the star of HGTV and the Rehab Addict herself, Nicole Curtis. Nicole’s definitely amassed a huge following due to her shows, and she’s a consummate professional when it comes to renovation, but how much do you really know about her?

[post_page_title]A real estate agent[/post_page_title]

But how did Nicole turn a passion into a career? Well, after she graduated from high school, Nicole obtained her real estate license in Minneapolis. After a few years, she was approached by the DIY Network, who were looking for a blonde home improvement specialist – because we guess blondes have more fun when renovating?

In any case, the network executives were impressed with her portfolio so asked her to come in for a test shoot. She wowed them with her presence and professional knowledge, and was consequently offered her own show.

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