Things you didn’t know about quinoa

Now you’re coming out of the festive period in a cold sweat, feverishly panicking about the need to get fit and healthy again, it’s time to think about the right foods to try. That means you have to wave goodbye to the junk food and the takeout and start introducing healthier alternatives as part of your New Year’s resolution. We know this can be tricky, and that’s why we think foods like quinoa are perfect.

This is a wonderful way of replacing a staple food that is high in carbs or starch, and eating something a little more healthy. When it comes to healthy alternatives, it’s difficult to actually get much better than quinoa. But, there are so many things we don’t know, or wrongly think we know, about quinoa. So, here are a few facts you never knew about this versatile and healthy replacement for carbs.

Quinoa isn’t a grain

Because we most commonly use quinoa as a replacement for carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice, it’s easy to assume that quinoa is a grain. But, prepare to be shocked, you’ll actually find that it is a seed, not a grain. The seeds of the quinoa plant are the edible part, and these are what we buy in shops and consume at home. Quinoa is ideal for those who are gluten-free and still want to observe a healthy and balanced diet.

It’s quick and easy to make

Many people believe that couscous is the quick and easy version, while quinoa is incredibly complicated and difficult to prepare. Yes, okay, couscous is much quicker, but it’s also much less tasty! A lot of us would soon chuck on some rice, but quinoa takes pretty much the same amount of time, and the nutritional benefits far outweigh those of rice – so this is a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned.

Things you didn’t know about quinoa

There are multiple colors available

It would be easy to think, from a visit to the local grocery store, that there are only three colors of quinoa on the market – black, white, and red. But, in reality, there are actually over 100 different colors available! Not that the color matters overly, but it is nice to have an aesthetically pleasing plate of food! Some of the other colors available include pink, purple, green, gray, and orange.

It doesn’t taste bitter

One of the commonly held assumptions about quinoa is the fact that it has a bitter taste. This most likely stems from the fact that the coating on the raw seeds has a bitter taste. However, rest assured that, when prepared properly, quinoa has anything but a bitter taste, and actually tastes similar to roasted sesame seeds or peanuts. If you find your quinoa to be a little bitter, it is most likely because you didn’t wash it properly.

Quinoa is actually a really versatile and delicious seed that can be used as a great staple in your diet. If you’re looking to embrace healthy eating, and expand your culinary experiences, we would suggest you try quinoa. There are so many great things you can do with it, and it’s pretty easy on the eye as well.

Things you didn’t know about quinoa

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