All the things that Sephora employees are apparently not allowed to do

[post_page_title]Moan about the returns policy[/post_page_title]

Let’s be honest; Sephora is pretty darn generous when it comes to their returns policy. Customers have 60 days to return their items after their first purchase if they’re not happy with it, and it’s fair to say that many customers take advantage of this. They use an eyeshadow palette and use a huge portion of the product before returning it on the 59th day for the store credit.

Moan about the returns policy

While this definitely benefits the customer, it doesn’t exactly benefit the workers. After all, they can’t place this product back on the shelf, and it’s just a little irritating to see customers exploit the store. However, Sephora workers aren’t allowed to grumble about the returns policy. They instead have to honor the policy and have a smile on their faces while they do so.

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