All the things that Sephora employees are apparently not allowed to do

All the things that Sephora employees are apparently not allowed to do

As if the rows upon rows of makeup wasn’t enough to make you fall to your knees and bow down to the eyeliner and nail polish, the people who work in Sephora definitely will. These men and women are always dressed up the nines with the most perfect makeup you’ve ever seen in your life. Yes, these Sephora workers are walking and talking makeup advertisements, and they seem to be living their best lives. But did you know that these workers actually have to adhere to a strict list of rules? These are the things you had no idea Sephora workers aren’t allowed to do.

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If you’re a Sephora customer, you may have made your way up to a random member of staff and just assumed that they would be able to give you a complete makeover. However, this just isn’t the case. Sephora doesn’t just hire those who are already pros in the makeup world.

Get ahead of themselves

They also employ those who want to learn everything there is to know about cosmetics, but they have to make their way up through the ranks. They can’t get ahead of themselves and often have to work in the stockroom before making their way to the floor. In fact, they have to make their way up the whole ladder before they get the chance to obtain their prestigious Skincare Ph.D.

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