Times things blended in too well with their surroundings

Times things blended in too well with their surroundings

Sometimes when things blend so well with their surroundings we don’t see them right away. It could even take a few minutes to realize what we’re looking at. While some things are cute, others are so flawless they don’t seem believable. From lovable pets to interesting clothing prints, here are some things that blended perfectly with their surroundings.

[post_page_title]One with the ocean[/post_page_title]

When you take a walk by the beach, it’s a normal thing to be wearing a pair of loose jeans. What’s not very very common is for your jeans to literally match the color of the water. And when we say literally, we mean it. This woman is getting her picture taken by the water and her jeans blend into the water so well.

One with the ocean

The top part of her jeans are a darker shade of blue than the bottom, which is exactly how the water looks. What’s even better is that her shoes also match the floor.

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