Tips for drinking more water

We all know that water is the very best thing for us. We also know that we are mostly likely NOT drinking enough of it throughout the day. I, for one, am not the biggest fan of water but I also know that I have to drink it or I’ll dehydrate faster than Spongebob Squarepants outside of the ocean (don’t get me – look it up). In an effort to make it easier on us to get the water we need on a daily basis, I have gathered the top tips for drinking more water every day.

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  • Add some flavor! If plain water is too boring for you, add something to give it a special kick. I love adding lemon, cucumber, basil or mint to my water. You can combine the fruits and herbs if you want but you can also make a pitcher of each. My personal favorite is lemon water.
  • Have a bottle in your bag and on your desk. Essentially, have a bottle everywhere you are. At work, have a bottle of water right next to you. On the road, have a bottle in your purse. At home, have a bottle on your bedside table. Having water at arms length will increase the likelihood of you consuming it.
  • Track your water intake. There is an app for water consumption measurement. If you track your water intake, you could look at it like a game and try to beat your score every day. It will also alert you to drink at a set time in case you seem to forget (like me…).
  • Soda or sparkling water. If you REALLY can’t stand water as is, go for the carbonated option. While the carbon will bloat you, it will not add harmful sugar and other chemicals that soda’s do to your body. Sparkling water will give you the illusion of a more interesting drink than water, without the harm.
  • Mark your bottle. Mark your bottle with time goals on them. For example, every two hours, draw a line on the bottle and where you should have drunk until then. It will make drinking the water easier as the goals are smaller, kind of like running!
  • Eat more foods with higher water content. Those foods will be vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, strawberry, watermelon, cherries, zucchini, broccoli, radishes, and spinach.

Being hydrated is very important. It helps with weight loss, chapped lips, skin issues, digestive issues, mood, and headaches, to name a few. Honestly, if we are not hydrated enough our body begins to shut down; slowly perhaps, but shutting down nonetheless. Water is our fuel and we need it in order to function properly.

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