Tips for organizing your closet and saving space

As much as we might all dream of having a huge walk-in closet like Miley had in Hannah Montana, unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, it is precisely that – a dream. We’d love nothing more than rolling out of bed in the morning, to be greeted by a huge room full of clothes, shoes, and bags, but sadly, most of us are stuck with tiny closets that we’re forced to cram our belongings into. So, we’re here with some tip to organize your clothes (so that you can buy even more).

Hanging clothes up

Install a second closet rod above or below your current one, so that you can hang two layers of clothes up, which will really help maximize space. Also, invest in some tiered coat hangers or cascading hooks, so that for every item of clothing you once had hanging up, you can now have four.

Tips for organizing your closet and saving space

Work shelves wisely

If you have deep shelves, make sure you utilize the whole of them, either with bags or accessories, or folding out-of-season clothes and pushing them to the back, with your current outfits at the front. Equally, store clothes that you won’t need for a while, for example, thick jumpers in summer, elsewhere, to reserve your closet space for current items of clothing. You could also install extra shelves where your existing ones are, to add in a few more layers, or split them up.

Use shoe organizers

Whether you opt for an over-the-door hanger or the version which hangs from your clothes rod, shoe organizers can be really handy; not just for shoes, however, but also for other accessories, or even makeup. Just organize whatever you want into each section, and you’re sorted! They keep your belongings neat and easy to find, while also creating extra space on the door that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Make use of bags

Now, everyone seems to have a bag of bags somewhere in their house. This is usually one plastic carrier, containing many other plastic carriers, but why not use the same principle for handbags? Store smaller bags inside of larger bags, to save space. Another space saving tip for bags is to stand them up vertically on a shelf. You could even use bookends to keep them upright.

Closet doors

As well as hanging a shoe organizer on the inside of your closet door, you can also get hanging baskets – and not the sort you put plants in. These are similar to shoe organizers and can be used for a huge range of stuff, from socks to belts. Not only does this keep everything organized and tidy, but it can also look really cute because organizers can come in all sorts of colors and designs.

Tips for organizing your closet and saving space

Stop throwing your tops to the back of the closet and leaving your shoes on the bedroom floor. Use some of these easy space saving tips to keep your stuff organized and tidy, where you can see exactly what you’ve got, and – dare we say it – what you need to buy.

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