How to plan a life-changing trip that’ll stick with you long after you return

Nowadays, it seems like the world and his dog are going on vacation or traveling the world and spending most of their time on social media. In fact, most of the time you can have the same trip as your friends from the comfort as your own friends because you’ve seen every inch of their travels through their ‘Gram! It’s not cool. Anyone can go on vacation and make memories in the form of photographs and Boomerangs, but it takes a real traveler to plan a life-changing trip that’ll stick with you long after you return…

Be spontaneous

What’s life without a little spontaneity, ey? When you’re planning a life-changing trip, it can be easy to go with the guidebooks and the internet searches because you can plan a direct route, and plan where you want to go and what you want to see. There’s only one problem… doing it by the book is pretty darn boring. By letting yourself be flexible (no, you don’t have to take up yoga) and allowing yourself to divert from the tourist path, you will be able to bring out the spontaneous side of you and take a walk on the wild side. These experiences are normally the ones that will leave you with the most laughs, and the most interesting stories to tell.

Be mindful of your trip

Because we live in a world where your friends say, ‘Show us a picture, or else it didn’t happen’ – most of us spend our vacation time taking pictures, or with our heads buried in the sand. Okay, well not buried in the sand exactly, but it may be buried in a map or in our phones. But how much are you really seeing of a place if you’re not really looking? Being mindful of yourself and your surroundings is one of the best ways to plan a trip that will stay with you for the long run because you will actually be present during your travels. Think about the smells, the tastes, the landscape, and how a destination makes you feel. Take a minute, and really let it sink in.

How to plan a life-changing trip that’ll stick with you long after you return

Learn something new

If you learn something new during your travels, this allows you to look back on your time in one particular destination and think – “Oh yeah, so THAT was where I learned the Greek alphabet!” Learning new things along your travels also gives you the chance to explore your talents and expand your horizons. You could learn how to make traditional Thai food, you could take an art class in Florence, or you could go surfing in Australia. The possibilities really are endless, so why not get even further towards the end?

Live like the locals

When you take a trip to a new destination, you can often get stuck in the same routine. You find the best attractions or tourist spots, you try out the most famous food the country has to offer, and you stay in the same hostels as millions of other travelers just like you. What’s so unique about that? By living like the locals, you will be able to actually experience what the country itself really has to offer. You could stay with a host family, you could venture to unknown restaurants outside of the tourist traps, and you could just get on a bus and see where it takes you. By interacting with the locals, you will see the real country that will leave a lasting memory.

How to plan a life-changing trip that’ll stick with you long after you return

Looking to plan a life-changing trip? Well, get off your phone, put away your guidebook, brush up on your local language and see where the wind takes you! This is the best way to create lasting memories that will keep you smiling forever.