Toxic people that you should leave behind

There are many things that you should leave in 2017 and not take with you into 2018, but one of the most important is negativity. It’s time to leave behind the toxic people who do nothing but make your life miserable, whether they be friends, family or coworkers. Here are the toxic people that you shouldn’t bring with you into the new year.

The Negative Nancy

Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself, and if you have a friend who doesn’t do this, it’s time to kick them to the curb. The New Year is all about optimism and possibilities, but a downer friend will implant doubt into your head about every little thing. Anything you are excited about, be it a job, a trip or a relationship, you can be sure that Negative Nancy will point out every flaw or downside. They will make you feel bad about yourself and your life, and you do not need that. Get rid of them now and feel the positivity flood into your life this year.

The User

Users are difficult to spot as toxic, as they are often very charming and outgoing. You might notice that they take over the conversation and will always make it all about them. When you need them, they won’t be there for you but will expect you to jump whenever they click their fingers. Occasionally they will make you feel good and happy, but this is so rare and will always leave you wanting more from their friendship. You deserve a friend who is willing to give as much as they take, not leave you feeling drained after spending time with them.

The Past Friend

Just because you’ve been friends with someone for a long time, that doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your lives. If you’ve grown apart, or find that you no longer have anything in common, it’s okay to let things go. Appreciate the friendship that you have had in the past, cherish the memories and move forward with happiness.

The on-again-off-again Relationship

You are not Ross and Rachel (and even if you were, they were an awful couple, and you shouldn’t want to be like them, but that’s another story!). If they can’t commit to being with you fully, they don’t deserve to be with you at all. The more time you waste on someone that couldn’t be bothered with you, the less chance you have to spend finding someone who will really make an effort with you.

The bad family member

Just because someone is related to you by blood, that doesn’t automatically make them a good person. Sure, some family members are a little eccentric, or dysfunctional, but if they are not hurting anyone, then that’s okay. However, if they are damaging in their views, or their out-of-control life is bringing your own into disarray, it’s time to cut them off. This is probably the most difficult toxic relationship to let go of, but for your own sanity and happiness, it’s important.

It won’t be easy to leave behind the toxic and negative people in your life, but you deserve to be happy and the difference that it will make to your life, to let go of those people who don’t deserve to be in it, will be incredible.

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