‘Tree Man’ personal trainer grows into overnight viral sensation

Danny Jones, a 31-year-old personal trainer from Southern California, has always been pretty popular in the world of social media. The trainer who stands at 6ft 7in and weighs 275lbs had hundreds of followers on his Instagram page, where he often posted photos of himself working out and doing everyday things (in very little clothing.)

One morning, he woke up and was shocked that overnight, he had gained an extra 8,000 followers on his account. Although he thought it must have been a computer glitch at first, he later found out the truth. La Loba, a follower of Danny Jones on Instagram, just had to share this incredible hunk with the rest of the internet. So, she posted two photos of the trainer on Twitter, one of him ducking as he walks down the stairs and another of him towering over a refrigerator in a kitchen. With the pictures she wrote, “This not a man, this a tree.” Well, the Internet caught on pretty quickly and became obsessed with this tall beauty. Over a short period of time, Danny received the viral nickname of Tree Man.

It isn’t hard to imagine what kinds of jokes and gifs came along with his new name. Luckily for Danny, he was thrilled by the new attention and didn’t mind the crude jokes. He actually has been having fun reading the thousands of comments he gets daily, and says that each one makes him laugh out loud. Months have passed since the original post about Danny, but people still can’t seem to get over the Tree Man! Of course, Danny is using this new fame to his advantage because, who wouldn’t?! He is now promoting his online personal training business and is selling workout supplements and merchandise.

Keep reading to see the Tree Man for yourself!

[post_page_title]Tall and strong[/post_page_title]

Danny Jones, a 31-year-old personal fitness trainer from Southern California, has recently left quite the impression on social media. Danny doesn’t have the build of a typical man or even of a typical fitness instructor. He is a towers over most men and women with a height of 6’7. He weighs a whopping 275 lbs, mostly in muscle of course. He often shares photos of his incredible body and strength on his well-followed Instagram account.


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