Try these DIY plant hacks

There is a theory in home decor that you should have something living in every room (that’s something that is deliberately living such a fish or a plant. A moldy yogurt pot does not count!) and with plants featuring on everyone’s Instagram posts at the moment, it’s time to step up your plant game! Here are some DIY plant hacks to make your life greener!

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Try these DIY plant hacks

Try something new

If glass vases aren’t your bag, there are so many other fun ideas for plant pots, including old china cups and teapots. This will create a fun Alice-in-Wonderland vibe and is a great way to upcycle old china.

Protect the seeds

If you’re planting seedlings, avoid diseases and fungus growing with just a sprinkling of cinnamon powder on them to keep them healthy. Bonus: it smells fantastic! Used coffee granules are also ideal for keeping slugs, ants, snails and other hungry pests away from your growing plants.

Lay down roots

Forget terracotta pots, plant your plants in glass vases to make the roots as much as a feature as the leaves! Whether it’s a plant that requires soil or just water, show off those roots for a really quirky twist!

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Try these DIY plant hacks

DIY watering can

Instead of shelling out for a watering can, repurpose an old milk bottle by poking some holes in the lid with a needle and filling with water. That way you will always have one to hand, and even if you lose yours, it’s easy and cheap to replace!

Coffee filter

When you’re setting up a new pot, pop a coffee filter in the bottom, underneath the soil. This way, every time you water it, only the water will flow through the filter and the soil will stay in the container, leaving a lot less mess at the bottom of the tray it’s sitting on.

Citrus peel planters

Instead of using planters, you can actually plant a seed in the peel of a citrus fruit such as a lemon or lime. Make sure there is a small hole in the bottom for draining, and just fill with soil. You can plant the entire thing in the garden, peel and all, and it will decompose, nourishing your little seedling as it grows!

Kill those weeds

Nothing makes a beautiful garden look unloved than a whole bunch of unwelcome weeds! Instead of using harsh chemicals, pull out our old friend, vinegar and use that instead. Much friendlier to the environment and wildlife, but just as effective at killing those weeds that pop up where you don’t want them.

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Try these DIY plant hacks

Check your levels

If you want to find out whether your soil is alkaline or acidic, all you need is vinegar and baking soda. It’s not as accurate as tests you can buy, however, if you just need to know one way or the other, rather than with a specific value, this works perfectly. If you add vinegar to soil and it bubbles, you have alkaline soil. If you do the same with baking soda and create bubbles, you have acidic soil. This will help you choose what will grow best in your garden. Gone a little plant crazy and have nowhere to display them? Grab an old A-frame ladder and put boards across the steps. Place the plants on the rungs for a functional (yet funky!) decorative plant stand.

Gardening isn’t just for the retired! Even if you don’t have particularly green fingers, you can still enjoy a few plants, and with these hacks, you can make your gardening life even better!

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