Why you should turn your phone off at work

Each and every person who owns a mobile phone knows just how useful it can be. Mobile phones connect an individual to people all over the world, enable them to conduct business easily from any location, and provide entertainment for them.

At work, mobile phones can seem convenient, since you can reach friends and family members at any time. However, according to research, the use of mobile phones has its own drawbacks including wasting time, causing a distraction, and they can even lead to the loss of human life. At work, it is advisable that you keep your cell phone switched off.

The following are the reasons why you should turn your mobile phone off at work.

Why you should turn your phone off at work

Enables the brain to work better

It is scientifically proven that our brains are incapable of multitasking. The brain only has the ability to rapidly switch from one task to the other. Using mobile phones at work feels good, and generates stimulation which the brain likes. However, stimulation of the brain makes it less productive. Switching off your cell phones at work would, therefore, makes the employees’ brains work more efficiently and become more productive.

Enhances decision making

Having mobile phones around all the time can encourage something called helicopter management. This is a type of management where employees are constantly in communication with their bosses. This allows the bosses to make each and every decision of the organization, since the employees can reach them with any question, undermining the employees’ development and turning them into poor managers. Switching off mobile phones reduces the amount of communication between the employees and their bosses which, in turn, enhances their decision making.

Increases efficiency

Turning off mobile phones enhances the employees’ abilities to make decisions. This, in turn, makes the decision-making process easier and faster, since the employees do not have to rely on their bosses for every single decision. This saves on time, since almost all of the employees have an idea of what to do when they are faced with a certain challenge. It can even increase the efficiency of the organization.

Why you should turn your phone off at work

Enhances the customers’ satisfaction

According to research carried out by Forbes, three out of five people spend more time with their phones than with other people. In an organizational setting, this could really affect the reputation of an organization, since it reduces customers’ satisfaction. Turning off mobile phones at work could ensure that employees engage more with their customers which will likely increase their satisfaction.

Opens employees to new opportunities

The use of mobile phones reduces live engagement with customers, colleagues, and managers. This is because a person who spends more time on a mobile device reduces the chance of having a face-to-face conversation with others. Turning off these phones enables people to start a conversation with others, which in turn, opens up opportunities for some positive developments. For instance, an employee may be busy looking for clients on LinkedIn while the person they really need is a regular customer at work.

In conclusion, despite the fact that mobile phones enhance accessibility, they may be distracting at work. It is evident that switching them off at work is beneficial in that it enhances efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, opens employees to new opportunities, enhances decision making and allows the brain to function better.

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