How some of TV’s biggest stars got themselves booted off their shows

There’s nothing better for an actor than being on a hit television show. You’re riding high, getting paid tons of money for playing a character you – hopefully – love, and who fans absolutely adore. What could go ever wrong? Well… Quite a bit, it turns out. Just take these stars, whose characters met early – and often bizarre – ends.

[post_page_title]McLean Stevenson as Lt. Henry Blake on M*A*S*H[/post_page_title]

Most fans of the iconic Korean War comedy could easily tell you the show ran for more years than the actual war lasted – 11 years compared to three. What many fans don’t know is that one of the show’s main characters – Lt. Blake – was written off because of over-ambition.

McLean Stevenson as Lt. Henry Blake on M*A*S*H

Stevenson was purportedly displeased with not being the show’s focus and quit in order to pursue a project in which he would be. He got his wish, netting his own show, but it was canceled after only one season. As for Blake, he was going to be discharged and sent home, but then a decision was made to have the plane he was riding on shot down, killing him.

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