Unique alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

Some of us are morning people who wake up cheerfully at sunrise and enjoy a relaxed morning of yoga and granola. The rest of us, however, push the snooze button like it is magic and struggle to get up on the best of days. Luckily, for people like us, we no longer have to put up with annoying smartphone alarms that go off every 3 minutes annoying our partner, here are some unique alarm clocks that will (hopefully!) have you jumping out of bed!

The Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sometimes loud noises are just not enough. The Sonic Bomb clock certainly uses very loud noises, flashing lights and has a 12-volt bed shaker that is sure to wake you up! Depending on your preference, you can put the vibrating device under your pillow or attach it to something that will make a very annoying, noisy clattering when it goes off. Thankfully you can mix and match combinations of all three aspects if you don’t need to fully deal every morning.

The Sonos PLAY

Rather than a sudden jarring sound, the Sonos PLAY slowly builds up the volume to wake you up much more gently. Make sure you mount it away from your bed, so you absolutely have to get up and turn it off – otherwise you’ll still be tempted to smash the snooze button.

The Philips Wake-Up Light

Another more gradual wake up, this product focuses on waking you up with light to stimulate a sunrise. It has a whole load of different colors and 20 varying brightness settings, plus it starts between 20-40 minutes before your alarm time, so it wakes you up gradually. You can also set it to pair the light with nature-inspired noises for a more relaxing way to start your day. If you already have the Phillips Hue Lightbulbs in your room, you can set those to do the same thing at a certain time without having to buy this specific light.

The Ruggie Alarm Clock

It’s easy to turn off your alarm while you are asleep and not even realize, so this special rug alarm clock requires you to physically put your whole body weight on it before it stops. Usually, once we are up, we are unlikely to get back in bed. The standard setting forces you to stand on the mat for 3 seconds but it can go up to 30 seconds if you don’t trust yourself not to jump right back in immediately.

Your bladder

Okay, this one is a bit of a sham, but we can guarantee it is the cheapest on the list and certainly very efficient! Before you go to bed, make sure you drink plenty of water (great for hydration at any time of the day!) and as long as everything is functioning correctly, and you’re not having a very vivid dream about swimming, the need to go to the toilet should wake you up. That said, this is not an exact science so you may end up getting up before you need to – we would also recommend pairing it with an alarm clock to help make sure you don’t sleep in!

The Clocky Alarm

If not even the Ruggie can get you out of bed, try the Clocky Alarm! This little fellow runs away from you, beeping loudly (and randomly so you can’t just snooze through it!) with a flashing light. You have to catch it to turn it off and is you will certainly be out of bed!

Struggling to get up in the morning is a real issue for some of us, and hopefully one of these ideas will help you – at the very least it will make your normal phone alarm seem a lot less evil!

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