The untold truth of Say Yes to the Dress

For as long as you can remember, you’ve probably dreamed of your perfect wedding day. You might have done a ‘Monica’ and created your own wedding scrapbook as a child, you might have snuck into your mother’s closet and secretly tried on her wedding dress to officiate your own wedding ceremony with Mr. Snuffles, the cat, as your groom, and you might have even worn your own homemade veil for so many months that it got a little smelly. Nevertheless, you always dreamed of having one day that was pure magic. It was all about you and your partner, having your friends and family around you, an epic wedding venue, and – of course – a dress that would make all of your cousins scream with jealousy. Nowadays, wedding dress shopping has got a lot easier. In fact, you can watch other brides find their perfect dress just by watching the TV screen, thanks to the awesome TLC show, Say Yes To The Dress! But how much do you really know about the show?

In today’s day and age, wedding planning has become much easier. Sure, your mother-in-law will still tell you exactly how she thinks you should plan your wedding, and you’ll have at least six arguments with your partner about your wedding breakfast, but technology has allowed us to plan our big day to the finest detail. You can use Pinterest boards, you can create your own online scrapbook, you can read every bridal magazine on the sun, and you can buy wedding favors from pretty much anywhere on the planet. However, there is one aspect of wedding planning that requires even more precision and time than the rest… the wedding dress. Many of us struggle to find ‘the one’ when it comes to the perfect wedding dress, which is why shows like Say Yes To The Dress is the ultimate tool to get inspired during your hunt. You can admit it. You’ve watched every episode.

Say Yes To The Dress debuted onto our screens in 2007, and has since welcomed a whopping 15 seasons into our lives – which of course, we’re super stoked about. Following the lives of the owners and consultants within the Kleinfeld Bridal store in Manhattan, this show allows budding brides and their bridesmaids to check out some of their greatest and latest gowns in the hope that they will ultimately say ‘YES!’ to the dress. The title says it all really. However, it seems as though there is so much more to the show than meets the eye. From bridal lawsuits to tourist chaos, to changing room drama, this is the untold truth of Say Yes To The Dress…
[post_page_title]It’s all an illusion[/post_page_title]

Okay, that sounds like we’re talking about the whole show – but we promise you that we’re not! What is an illusion though is the storefront of Kleinfeld Bridal. Although it looks like a huge space where bridal dreams come true, the store is actually rather small. Of course, there is more than enough space for some brides to try on the princess dress to outdo the largest princess dress in the world, the store is actually made to look a lot bigger than it is thanks to some thrifty camera work and a group of talented editors.

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