Vintage photos from the iconic Studio 54

At the height of the disco era, there was no place like Studio 54. On any given night, the nightclub would be filled to the brim with eccentric New Yorkers and celebrities. Although its life as a hotspot was short lived, photographs recorded the wild life of Studio 54 partygoers.

[post_page_title]Dance Floor[/post_page_title]

Disco is notorious for making people want to groove. At its peak, most clubs would be filled every night if they played the right music. Everyone, from your average Joe to the most famous people in the world, was taking to the dance floor for some grooving fun. Studio 54 was no stranger to packed dancefloors, keeping theirs filled with the coolest cats in town from dusk to dawn. Pictured here is a crowd grooving to the music, encouraged by the decor and lighting that would make the glummest person want to shake it!

Dance Floor

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