The wackiest Walmart customers

Who can even remember what America was like before Walmart became an integral part of our everyday lives? The big-box chain was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and since then, over 11 thousand stores have popped up all over the country and internationally to 28 other countries. As a result, the Walton family has become one of the wealthiest families in the country. Walmart is now the largest company in the world with sales around $482 billion. In addition to making bucket loads of money, the company is also the largest employer in the world as they have over 2 million workers. By 1970, Walmart already had 38 stores and the chain quickly grew and spread. Soon, more and more towns across America were getting a Walmart store. However, Sam Walton did not want to stop with just a couple dozen stores and he made sure the company continued to expand.

The intention of Walmart was to sell commonly used products at lower prices and that is exactly what they did. Walton knew that selling items at lower prices would lower his profit margin, however, he also knew that this would result is people purchasing more of the same product. As it turns out, Walton was right. The chain was already the most profitable business in America by 1988. The chain quickly expanded from America to other countries a subsidiaries opened such as Asda, which is in the U.K.

One of the main reasons why Walmart is so successful is because almost anyone can afford to shop there. It does not matter whether you have a high paying job or you are a student with a part-time job, the prices are so low that everyone enjoys buying their household items at the store. You can always score a great deal at Walmart, even if it isn’t Black Friday. With such low prices, the store often attracts, well let’s just say, interesting people.

And we don’t just mean people who show up to the store in their pajamas late at night. There are some who show up in kooky outfits, bring their pets, and some who we just do not have words to explain. We have compiled a list of the wackiest Walmart customers from across the country and we have the pictures to prove it. While we simply cannot understand what most of the people on this list are doing, some of them are awesome!
[post_page_title]Harley Quinn[/post_page_title]

We would really love to know the story behind this picture but we are assuming that all of this guy’s clothes were burned in a fire or are in the laundry. Maybe this Harley Quinn onesie was the only thing left in his closet and he had to wear it in order to head down to Walmart and get a new wardrobe. Although we think this is incredibly strange, we do have to give this guy some credit for being very confident in himself.

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