Why walking makes us feel good

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and wondered why the characters always throw something at the wall, shout and scream for a while, and then announce that they are “going for a walk”? Well, this isn’t because they fancy going to the nearest store for a pint of ice cream (although that would be our response). This is because walking makes us feel good! Yep, both mentally and physically, walking has a positive effect on all aspects of our lives – and is one of the best ways to get a bit of exercise into your life if you’re allergic to the gym. It’s a real thing, you know. But have you ever wondered what walking makes us feel so good?

It’s easy on the joints

If you’re the kind of person that actually enjoys exercising, you may find that your joints ache after a run, or even after a trip to the gym. This is because this form of activity is incredibly stressful on your joints – because if you think about it, you’re literally thrusting your legs into the concrete when you go on a run! Putting such intense strain on your joints like this over a long period of time can actually permanently damage them, which isn’t exactly ideal. The best way to exercise without putting this pressure on your joints is to go for a walk. Because this action is less intense, you will reap the benefits of exercise without all of the pain that goes with it.

Why walking makes us feel good

You can go slow and steady

Working in an office for eight hours a day, five days a week can soon turn you into an office potato (the worker version of a couch potato), which means that your body often craves activity and energy. Yet, jumping straight into a run after sitting down for hours on end will only do you harm because your body is not ready. This is why walking makes us feel so good. Even just going for a walk before a long run will help to get the blood throwing through your legs and body, and warm up your body before even more working out.

It boosts your mood

There is a reason why people exercise – and it’s not just because society forces them to. It’s because people enjoy it! Although it may already be a passion of theirs, one of the main reasons people enjoy working out and exercising is because it releases endorphins which makes you feel more alert and happy. Yet, it’s not just running or working out in the gym that releases endorphins, because walking does too. Walking can help you walk away from the stresses in your life, and make you feel good about the world around you.

It burns fat

One of the main reasons we all become more active in our lives is to lose weight – but losing weight doesn’t always have to happen in the gym. Although walking may be low intensity and fairly easy to do, it does actually burn a lot of calories! Experts suggest that going for a brisk walk for just 30 minutes could actually burn a whopping 300 calories – which means that you don’t have to push yourself too hard to lose weight in the long run. So, swap that bus journey for a walk, and you’ll have your beach body in no time!

Why walking makes us feel good

Most of us walk every single day, which means that we’re used to the action – but are you used to the benefits? By knowing why walking makes us feel good, you can use it to your advantage even more. What could be better?

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