Easy ways to clean your microwave

If you’re the kind of busy bee that can only afford to spend five minutes in the kitchen microwaving your ready meal, or if you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment in the kitchen and use different methods, your microwave probably gets a lot of use. If you think about it, your microwave heats hundreds of different foods in it each year – and with all of those vibrating particles, stray food can get EVERYWHERE. But don’t worry, there are some super easy ways to clean your microwave.

The Vinegar method

One of the most popular methods for cleaning your microwave is to use vinegar – because we all probably have it in our cupboards! To clean your microwave with vinegar, fill a microwave-safe bowl half-full with water (doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold). To the water, add a tablespoon of your everyday white vinegar. Place the bowl of water and vinegar into the microwave and shut the door. Next, turn on your microwave for five minutes – although this time will vary depending on your microwave. If you have a high-wattage microwave, it will take less time. As the microwave heats up the mixture, it will produce a steam which will loosen the food stains on the sides of the microwave. After the five minutes, remove the bowl and wipe the sides with a clean dishcloth or towel.


The Lemon method

The lemon method is perhaps one of the quickest and most simplest methods to clean your microwave if you have a lemon to spare! To do this, you will need to cut a lemon in half and place both of the cut halves face down on a microwave-safe plate. Next, add a tablespoon of water onto the plate. Shut the door and turn the microwave on for one minute. The combination of the water and the acidity of the lemon will produce a steam which should loosen the debris, just like with the vinegar. Wipe off as before.

The Dish Soap method

Although you could just attack your microwave with a cloth doused in dish soap – there is an easier way to use this cleaning product to clean your microwave. Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it half-full with warm water (note: it will not work as efficiently if you use cold water). Then, add a dollop of dish soap depending on how much you think you will need. Place this mixture into your microwave for one minute. During this time, the mixture should create a steam that will loosen the dirt and food stains. With a damp cloth or sponge, wipe away the loose debris for a squeaky clean microwave.

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The Window Cleaner method

It may seem odd to use window cleaner on a microwave, but it totally works. Trust us. To clean your microwave, mix one part warm water to two parts window cleaner in a bowl. Because you will not be turning the microwave on, it does not need to be microwave safe. Instead, unplug the microwave and dip a sponge or cloth in the mixture to scrub at the stains and food splodges. If you have any tough stains that just won’t budge, soak it in the solution for around 5 minutes and then come back to it. Once you’re done, clean the microwave with water and a clean cloth.

The Baking Soda method

Because the turntable of your microwave is normally made of glass, it is easy for tough stains and food stuffs to become caked onto it. These stains can become incredibly difficult to remove – but not impossible. If you mix one part water to two parts baking soda and mix it up, you should be left with a paste. Spread this paste over the tough stains and leave it for five minutes. Remove the paste with a wet cloth and the stains should be gone!

So if you have a dirty microwave, follow any of these steps to transform it into a squeaky clean microwave in no time. It is important to keep your microwave clean as you use it to cook food, which you will then eat. You don’t want some of your tomato soup from last month mixed in with your nicely steamed broccoli, do you?

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