Ways to de-wrinkle your clothing without an iron

Last minute interview? Running late for work? Has your iron broken? Sometimes we just need to get all those creases out of something but don’t have the time. So what is there to do? Don’t worry; we have some ways to de-wrinkle your clothing without an iron. Whoever knew it was possible? We promise we’re not magicians.

Hair straighteners

These are the perfect mini irons when you are in need of getting those clothes smooth and ready. Flat irons can also be the ideal tool for any tricky areas, such as shirt sleeves or collars that are too intricate for a regular iron. You may want to turn down the heat settings and make sure there is no lose hair on the irons before use, but then you should be good to go!

Shower steam

Perhaps the choice is between shower or iron your clothes? You don’t want to smell, but a wrinkled shirt can give the wrong impression. Now, it’s time to cover two bases at once by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. As long as the doors and windows are shut, then the steam will help drop the creases right out of your clothes.

Dryer your clothes

Just make sure to check your clothes are safe to throw into the dryer before you use this hack. If you’re good to go, then merely spritz them with some water or add in a damp item of clothing and toss them in the dryer. 15 minutes should be all it takes to get your clothes looking fresh and ready for the day. To top it off, they will also be snuggly warm on those chilly winter mornings.

Ways to de-wrinkle your clothing without an iron

Damp towel

Water is the wonder miracle for getting all those stubborn wrinkles out of your clothes. Getting a damp towel can be the answer to your prayers if you need a quick fix to banish to creases. All you have to do is lay out your clothes and cover them over with a damp towel. Press the two together, and voila! All you have to do then is hang up your outfit to air dry.

Hair dryer

Perhaps you want to see those wrinkles blasted out of your clothes right before your very eyes? In that case, a hair dryer is the perfect option. The heat will remove any lines while you can dry your hair at the same time – bonus. Lay out your outfit, hold the hair dryer a few inches away from the clothes, and go over them all front and back. There is no more to it.

Hot pot

A pot of boiling water could be the next best thing to an iron. After the water has been boiling away for a while, pour it out and use the bottom of the pan as a makeshift iron. The heat of the metal will simulate your iron, and your clothes will be left nicely de-wrinkled. If you have lots of clothes that need ironing, simply reheat some water to up the temperature of the pot.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to break out the iron, while other times technology fails us. Whatever has gone awry, there is no reason you shouldn’t get the chance to leave the house looking perfectly well groomed.

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