How to wear floral prints the right way

In the words of Miranda Priestly: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Although we love the Dragon Lady more than anything else in the world, we just can’t get enough of florals in the Spring, the Summer, the Fall, and the Winter. Florals are all year round, people. However, many men and women stop themselves from wearing florals because they don’t feel as though they can pull them off. Want to know what we think? Anyone can wear florals if you wear them in the right way!

Choose a statement piece

Although we love floral prints, there is a fine line between flower power and a flower power cut. If you wear an outfit that features florals from head to toe, it can be a little overpowering – so you need to edit the heck out of it. The best way to do this is to wear a statement floral piece. You could wear a floral skirt with a plain white tee, you could wear a floral shirt with jeans, or you could even wear a suit with a floral tie.

How to wear floral prints the right way

Choose a bold color

When it comes to florals, you can expect to see pale pinks, creams, and a light color palette. Because that’s just how it works, right? Well, not quite. When you stick to these blush colors, you can often look like your grandma’s drapes. To avoid this, try to choose a bold color that will add a sense of fashion and style to your outfit. You will immediately add a sense of modernity to your ensemble, and you’ll look like you really know your stuff.

Choose an accessory

If you’re not brave enough to go full floral mode, you can rest easy knowing that you can simply choose a floral accessory and roll with it. There’s nothing cuter than wearing floral heels, a floral headband, a floral clutch, or even shoving an actual flower in your hair! It will add a touch of femininity, while also proving to the world that you know your style. You don’t have to become an actual flower to rock the floral look, because you can go as incognito as you want.

How to wear floral prints the right way

Choose the right size

One of the best and worst things about the floral trend is that there are so many different sizes to choose from. There are the dainty little floral patterns that adorn shirts and blouses, there are the bigger block patterns that make their way onto the front of dresses, and there are the medium-size flowers for those that just can’t decide. If you want to wear florals in the right way, you need to wear the right size. The general rule of thumb is that dainty flowers are all-year around, while the larger flowers are left for Spring and Summer.

We all love to see those pretty florals in the store, but how do you know if you’ll suit them? Well, you can rest easy knowing that you can all rock the floral look if you know how.

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