What’s in my purse? Must have edition

We ladies always seem to have everything we need in our purses, right? People often remark on how large my handbag is. I holler back that I am always prepared and need a big bag to keep all of the random junk that I find necessary near me. Every season has its very own must-haves in it, but I aim to always be prepared so that I never get caught needing something I knew I should have put in my bag.

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Here is my year-round must-haves:

  • Mini makeup kit. I always have my favorite shade, or shades, in a small makeup bag, along with a small concealer (you know you need that in there just in case something pops up mid-day) and a shimmer stick (NARS has the very best one for that).
  • Hand sanitizer. Whether you take public transit or not, having hand sanitizer in your bag at all times is a smart move. I have been caught in situation where I used someone else’s pen before hearing them cough like an animal. Hand sanitizer time!
  • Hand cream! Between the air conditioning in the summer and the drier air in the colder months, my hands are in constant need of moisture. I carry hand cream with me everywhere I go. You can get a mini size of your favorite brand for sure.
  • Sunglasses. Because your eyes always need protection.
  • Nail file. I am a nail perfectionist. If one of my nails breaks and I don’t have a nail file on me I will lose it. So I always have one on my person and everyone and everything is fine. No, I’m not crazy.
  • Gum. Just because nothing is more fun than minty freshness after lunch or at the end of a date when you had garlic during dinner.
  • Almonds. I suffer from low blood sugar levels sometimes, so I always make sure to have something in my bag to keep me from turning into a hangry woman. No one likes those.
  • Roll on perfume. Sephora has small versions of the greatest perfumes. I always pack one for the road.
  • Band Aids! New shoes happen, you know…
  • Advil. You never know when you’re going to get a headache and you don’t want to get caught with one and not have anything to take for it.

Summer must-haves:

  • Bottle of water. I dehydrate.
  • Tissues. In case I get stuck waiting for the bus for 20 minutes.

Winter must-haves:

  • Lightweight scarf – layering is my go-to move in the cooler months.

Add to all of that the standard keys, wallet, paperwork, and a million little other odds and ends that somehow manage to make their way into my bag and stay there.

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