Winter or summer – which season is better?

Each of the four seasons certainly have their positives, but they equally have their not-so-positive points. Summer’s nice, but sometimes it’s just that little bit too hot. Winter often promises beautiful layers of snow, but frequently feels too cold to function. Fall brings crunchy fallen leaves and shades of orange, though temperatures start to drop and rain arrives. Spring sees newborn calves frolicking and blossoming flowers, but pollen allergies are rife. Between winter and summer, however, which is the better season?

Winter or summer – which season is better?

Seasonal evenings

Which do you prefer – sitting around a barbecue on a warm summer’s evening or snuggled up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, watching a movie? If you think the latter, then you’ll probably believe that winter is the superior season. Although, if a hot summer’s night outside sounds more ideal for you, then we suppose you’ll disagree. Cozy winter evenings don’t suit everyone, however, but insects can put people off of sitting outside of an evening, too.

Very different activities

Summer is better for those of you who enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and day trips to beaches or parks. It can often be nicer to exercise and play sports in the summer sun, because who wants to get hypothermia just by playing a bit of soccer in the yard? Summer can even introduce outside classes, like yoga and fitness, which thousands of people love. However, skiing enthusiasts might be in their element during the winter months. With the colder weather, you’re less likely to find yourself getting exhausted, meaning some sports are actually nicer to play in the winter. They’re also a great way to warm up and get your blood pumping.


Winter is often accompanied by colds and flu, blocked noses, headaches, and general illness. No one likes feeling poorly, but unfortunately, it just seems to come with the season. However, if you’re thinking this is a valid reason to prefer summer, you might be wrong. With around 24 million Americans suffering from hay fever, summer isn’t perfect, either. No matter what the season, people will be suffering from some sort of illness or allergy, making the two seasons equally disappointing in their own ways.

Dressing for the season

Winter or summer – which season is better?

Do you prefer big woolly coats and scarves over a tank top and shorts? Or do you prefer a bikini or swimming trunks over sweaters and gloves? Some people just love to dress up warm and cozy, while others would much rather feel free and airy. If you’re one of the people who think that multiple layers keeping you snug in the cold breeze is the perfect attire, winter is indeed the best season. Although, if that sounds like your worst nightmare, we can only assume you’d pick summer over winter, any day.

All in all, the better season is very much down to personal preference. If you prefer snuggling under a warm blanket or lounging by the fire, then winter is most definitely better for you, but if you would rather soak up the sunshine and enjoy the warmth, then summer is no doubt your favorite season of the two.

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