The woman behind the The Jenny Jones Show

From 1990 to 2003 The Jenny Jones Show was playing on everyone’s television screens at home. All of America was addicted to this daytime talk show host, which acted more as a tabloid than anything else. The Jenny Jones Show was everyone’s guilty pleasure. It was just so much fun to watch Jenny give a punk rock “bad girl” a complete makeover or watch a bully on national television admit to bullying a fellow classmate or co-worker. The show featured everything from real life paternity tests to celebrity impersonators. The show even hosted famous celebrities themselves like Suzanne Somers and Susan Lucci. The Jenny Jones Show was the first talk show ever to feature live hip-hop artists and the show’s young viewers ate it up! Artists like Usher, Billy Ray Cyrus, Nelly, Three Six Mafia, and Ludacris performed on the Jenny Jones Show. The show also underwent quite a bit of controversy, court cases, and drama but we’ll get to that later.

For 12 long years, The Jenny Jones Show was the top talk show to watch. People called it the original Jerry Springer Show. Every episode was named in a rhyme like “You May Shake It for Money, But Leave Those Clothes at the Club, Honey!” which was an episode about makeovers for nightclub and strip club workers. Jenny wasn’t afraid to talk about the relevant dramatic issues that were happening to real people. And Jenny’s viewers appreciated it. The first two seasons of the show were more revolved around celebrities and the ratings weren’t too great. Once Jenny decided to switch gears and talk about real people and the problems they were facing, that’s when the show hit it off. The ratings skyrocketed and the show’s viewers were riveted by the family drama, the boot camps, the feuding neighbors who visited the show.

Despite The Jenny Jones Show’s high ratings and large following, it was canceled in 2003 due to the rise of talk shows and the stiff competition for a time spot on the network. However, The Jenny Jones Show is still remembered by its viewers to this day, which is why we decided to take you behind the scenes. We have even discovered the drama and juicy details of the talk show host, Jenny Jones herself, and were able to find out how Jenny managed to make it big, as well as what the story behind her three husbands is.

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The Jenny Jones show is a daytime talk show hosted by the one and only Jenny Jones. It is a tabloid show that ran from 1990 to 2003. Every weekday in Chicago Jenny would go on air for 60 minutes and discuss the more obscure subjects that other shows typically shied away from at that time. Typical topics that Jenny would discuss included paternity tests, bullying, makeovers, impersonators, feuding neighbors, and even secret crushes. Even famous live musicians would perform on the show like Usher, Ludacris, and Three Six Mafia.

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