When this woman woke up panicking her fiancée just grabbed his camera

What are your reflexes like? Are you quick to react when something’s asked of you? We all respond differently in emergency situations because none of us are wired the same. One person might see someone being attacked and step in to help, while another will run away as quickly as possible. The person who flees isn’t necessarily a bad person; they just have a greater sense of self-preservation. After all, protecting someone else from being attacked might mean you’re the one who ends up getting hurt instead.

This isn’t the only situation where you might have to have instant reactions to something. These kinds of things happen all the time, and it’s only sometimes that they have a significant impact on our lives – and those of others. After all, we make all sorts of decisions on a daily basis – what to eat, what to wear, when to use the bathroom, etc. If all of these had an exceptional outcome, our lives would be incredibly dramatic.

However, while most of our reactions to things aren’t so important, there are still moments when we need to act fast. You can’t plan for a surprise, and if something happens out of the blue, there’s no time for you to sit around and ponder your options.

Martin Boyce knew this all too well when he was woken by his fiancée in the middle of the night. Half asleep and not prepared for what she was about to tell him, he had to act quickly for everyone’s sake. However, his immediate response wasn’t to offer any help, but instead to grab his camera. Most partners wouldn’t be impressed by this, but it’s precisely what his fiancée expected. She knew he’d want to capture this moment on camera because there wouldn’t be another chance.

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There are many instances in life when we have to deal with surprise. It’s not something we can prepare for – hence it being a surprise – and there are always two ways that we can cope with them. This is when our fight or flight instincts kick in. Martin Boyce found out exactly which of these two reactions he’d have when faced with surprise after being woken by his fiancée in the middle of the night. His immediate thought was to grab his camera, and for a good reason.

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